I started asking my peers to share what they are afraid of. 

This is what they said.



"Flash Player v"

"I'm afraid of saying 'It's complicated now, but maybe next year' until there are no more years left."


"Insignificance. Not for my own sake though. Insignificance in that I failed to make an impact on the world and help people."

"- A monotonous life
- Losing a close family member
- Becoming paralyzed
- Blacking out and making a mistake that affects my future
- Fuckin' Snakes"

"Have you ever seen the pictures people post of finding snakes sitting in their toilet? I always fear that happening to me. I will check mid-pee to make sure there is no snake under me."

"Spending my whole life trying to figure out the right way to do it and never finding a way that makes me satisfied."

"That I will wake up one day and know everything I've worked so hard for was a waste of time: that I will hate my career, the city I live in, the person I'm with, and regret all the years of graduate school. 

Also: spiders and any building with even the slightest possibility of being haunted."

"To stop exploring. Discontinue learning. Settling down. And never leave my comfort zone."

"Sour milk and mice. But to answer the question to your facebook question...become bilingual."


"I'm scared I'm going to get sick of what I'm doing. I have anywhere between 6-12 years of schooling left. I absolutely love my classes, I'm very motivated, I enjoy college and I like working hard. It just scares me-what if I feel different in let's say 2 years from now? I can't imagine I would because I'm in love with my major and very involved but the thought scares me sometimes."

"Failure. Mostly regarding finding a job and a wife within the next couple of years. And being able to maintain success in those areas."

"I have a fear of trying too hard at things"

"Snakes. Drowning in a car. Not being successful."

"Not getting into medical school this year."

"Failure. I can go into detail but I think it pretty much speaks for itself."

"My mom or sister passing away. They're my best friends"

"My biggest fear is that I may never marry the right woman or will become unsatisfied with my marriage."

"Failure/not living up to the expectations of others"

"My biggest fear is not finding the person that I am meant to end up with. For some reason this fear has been embedded within me ever since my first heartbreak. It seems silly at times because obviously my happiness should not be defined by someone else's presence in my life, but it is hard for me not to focus on when I am surrounded by people that are so "madly in love".  I also have a great fear of the ocean which has derived from absolutely nowhere and is a bit strange because I do not frequently go to the beach. I am terrified of the vast unknown and for some reason whales freak me out (I mean come on...they are enormous)."

"losing my job"


"As a recreational drug user, I really fear getting caught and having it fuck up my education and life. I like drugs, they're a fun way to spend a boring day if you use them safely and responsibly. It shouldn't ruin my life. Also, I fear getting through college and then either not being able to get a job I'm passionate about, or just falling flat in general."

"Becoming normal"

"I'll never be successful. I'll always be poor. I'll be too old when I graduate to do things I want. I'm scared I won't be useful to anyone."

"Losing my virginity"

"Heights and ending up jobless after years of school."

"My biggest fear is that my mom would die. It started on my first day of college, when we moved in their was an earth quake, and my parents had to leave quickly. I had a massive panic attack, and have discovered that many things I felt prior to college and coming into college are due to random anxiety. (Generalized anxiety disorder) it has gotten mostly better, but I still FaceTime my mom nearly every night, and go home most weekends. I can't imagine what I would do of anything happened to my family."

"Not meeting expectations in every aspect of life"

"Socializing. It scares me to death because everyone around me seems to be so good at it and doesn't have a problem casually talking to people. When I'm approached for conversation (and it happens very rarely) people often think I'm anti-social or don't like them when in reality, my mind goes completely blank and I literally can't think of a single thing to talk about with them."

"Not living up to my potential, letting my family down by not succeeding to the best of my ability. Also the fear of moving away from my family and missing out on my siblings growing up."

"Frog phobia"


"Being wrong about the big questions of life"

"I'm afraid of being unhappy."

"I'm afraid of work being more important than my studies. I currently work full time and had to become a part time student. If you have the chance, never work full time when in school. I was kind of forced to live on my own. It gets hard when juggling work with school."

"I'm afraid of hesitation and my own propensity to waste time."