Simple Woo Affiliate Tracking

The Simple Woo Affiliate Tracking plugin simply (ha!) tracks the sales driven by any URL appended with a 'refid'.

For example:

Any body who clicks through that URL and buys a product through your store will have that unique 'refid' attached to their order.

This allows you to add your own refid to any link you want to distribute. You can export the number of sales associated with the id at any time through "Tools">"Simple Woo Affiliate Tracking" into a .csv file.


  • WooCommerce Enabled
  • Tested on Wordpress Version 4.0

How it works:

The plugin detects the 'refid' appended to the URL and stores it in a cookie. During checkout, a 'refid' field is added to the checkout form (in a hidden state), and that field is set by plugin Javascript.


Note: I make no promises to continue support for this plugin, and take no responsibility for any breaking changes this may cause to your Wordpress installation/website. This plugin is without warranty.